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Aries (Mesh)
This sign is the owner of the east direction and has reddish yellow color. This is male, movable (Chara).having fire as predominant element, bilious, ram-shaped, having residing places in metals, jewels and the earth, of cruel warrior, and having very few offspring. This instills courage, bravery, ego etc. The natives who are born in the ascendant (Lagna) of this sign are often of serious nature, laughing escapes. They laugh less and remain reticent. They lack the art of soft or growing upon each other. Their gait is inelegant: but they are fast in walking and running.Aries to pieces
Aries Horoscope
This year  is good for Aries. In the beginning of the year you can enjoy success in career. But for your love life, the first half of the year is not fantastic. Things will become good from May month. Don’t indulge yourself in too much anxiety. Life will get a steady pace by the end of the year. Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius.

Taurus (Vrishabha)
The shape of this sign is like that of a bull. In the body of “Kala Purush” the place of this sign is the portion beginning from the mouth to the throat .This sign is female ,fixed, cool, natured, having earth as predominant element, owner of the having residing places in forest, mountain-peak and cow-sheds, caste(trading class): is loose-bodied; and provides average learning addict. On behalf of this sign, one’s mouth, throat and cheeks are determined.

Taurus Horoscope

The first half of the year will be good for you. You just have to avoid tension in life. From May to August, you can get the opportunity to earn an extra amount. Love will appear in your life at the end of the year. You can travel a lot during this time with your beloved. Compatibility: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces.

Gemini ( Mithuna)
In the physical appearance, the sign looks like a couple of human beings-the female holding a Veena (musical instrument) and the male element is the owner of the west ,green-colored ( like a parrot),male, common (fixed as well as movable), “Shudra” by cast providing average pleasure of children, and loose –bodied .learning-addiction and craftsmanship is the natural disposition arms and hands are determined on the basis of this sign. The residing place of this sign is ball-room, women, gambling and clubs.

Gemini Horoscope
Nothing special will happen in your life from January to April. In the middle of the year certain complication may arise. After dealing with all difficulties, you would get happiness in the end of the year. People will praise you a lot. You beloved would also again fall in love with you. You will enjoy a fantastic romantic life. Compatibility: Aquarius & Libra.

Cancer ( Karka)
This is a crab shaped watery sign. In the body of “kal purush’ the place of this sign is the chest. This sign has female sex; is movable, owner of north, phlegmatic, even, showing strength at night, having mixed color (red-white) ,and parent of many children .The residing places of this sign are fields, reservoirs, banks of river etc. and angelic women .Shyness, involvement in getting materials pleasures, steady movements and being worldly –wise constitute the natural disposition of this sign. The characteristics of the native’s stomach, chest and kidneys are determined on the basis of this sign.

Cancer Horoscope
The starting of the year is wonderful for you. You won’t get any major tension during this time. But the middle of the year would not be a good time for you. You would get back your fresh mood during the last part of 2010. You can purchase new home or new vehicle from September to December. Compatibility: Taurus & Virgo.


Leo (Singha)
This is the fifth sign in number. Looking like a lion in physical appearance, this sign possesses the place in the heart of the ‘kala Purush’. This sign is fiery, fixed, male, bilious, yellowish, kshetriya by caste (warrior)hot-natural ,having very few children, and the owner of the east. Natural temperament of this sign is similar to that of Aries. Even after being so, this is inclined towards kindness and independence. The characteristic of a nature’s heart are determined on the basis of this sign

Leo Horoscope
If you are a businessman, profit will come to you naturally in the first half of 2011. Your mental health will also remain in a good condition. Family support will be the key in this respect. Indulge in your work with all effort from May month. Don’t involve in too much expenses. Love life will become better by the end of the year. Peace will come in your life too. Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius.


Virgo (Kanya)
In physical appearance, this sign looks like a virgin holding a lamp in hand and sitting in a boat. In the body of the ‘Kala Purush” the place of this sign is in the stomach. The residing places of this sign are grass-lands, women, things of attachment and painting –houses or studies. This sign has female sex, common motion (fixed as well as movable) ,golden color  , increase in strength at night ,few children and loose body. Self-respect is the identifying mark of this sign and doing progress continuously is its nature. The characteristics of a native’s stomach are determined on the basis of this sign.

Virgo Horoscope
The beginning of the year would not benefit you a lot. So, try to stay away form any kind of financial investment. In family life too, various problems will come. From May month, difficulties will start to reduce. With gentle personality, you can handle any situation. Career will also get a good height. Travelling abroad is indicated by the end of the year. Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer.

Libra (Tula)

This is the seventh sign of the zodiac. In physical appearance, this sign looks like a man holding a scale. In the body of the “Kala Purush” the place of this sign is portion beginning from the navel to the genitals ( Basti) ,Shopping centers, places of trading  are the residing places of the sign .this is male fixed ,the owner of the west, airy and bluish –back-colored. This sign rises from the with the head first shows strength during the day -time ; cruel and ‘ Shudra” by cast (of trading class). Being contemplative, political awareness, strong desire to gain knowledge of scriptures and astuteness, constitute the natural temperament of this sign. The characteristics of a natives navel and the portion below the navel are determined on this basis of this sign.

Libra Horoscope
Engage yourself in some money-making games. Horse racing will be a good idea. The middle of year may bring lots of problems. By the end of the year, everything will become good. Your love life will also get a wonderful emotion. Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini.


Scorpio Horoscope

A chance of earning good money may come on your way by the beginning of the year. Unmarried people may get married during January to April. Promotion and success can help you to touch the towering height. The end of the year will not good indeed. Troubles will arise in personal and professional life. With strong determination, you have to overcome it. Compatibility: Taurus, Pisces


Sagittarius (dhanu)

This sign has the physical appearance of a man with a bow and arrow in his hand riding a horse or ,according to the other view, this sign has the appearance of the archer in the first upper half and the and the appearance of a  horse in the latter downwards half. In the body of “kal purush” the place of this sign is in both the thigh. This sign has male sex and common motion: is kshyatriya by cast 9 warier class),fiery. Owner of the east and parent of very few children faith in God, doing good to others, benevolence, moral principles and as well as possessiveness are the natural qualities of this sign. Thighs of a native are determined on the basis of this sign.

Sagittarius can engage in marriage in the beginning of the year. The middle of the year is ideal for any love relationship. You can enjoy your life happily focusing on some healthy lifestyle activity. Compatibility: Aries, Leo.


Capricorn (Makar)
This is tenth and crocodile shaped sign. In the body of  ‘kal sarpa Purush” the place of this sign is in the knees. This sign is female, movable, and flatulent (windy), earthy, golden-colored strong at night trading class, owner of the south and loose-bodied. This is the sign of Saturn who is though to be a servant. Dutifulness like that of a servant and becoming ambitious are the attributes of this sign. Knees of a native are determines on the basis of this sign.


Fame will come to you in the first half of this year. With fun and delight, you’ll be able to lead your life. Try to fight with tension and anxiety. You will earn much money during the end of the year. For love affair, September to December will be the best time. Compatibility: Taurus

Aquarius ( Kumbha)

In the body of kal Purush  the place of this sign is in the calves of legs. In physical appearance, this sign looks like a man holding a picture of water on his shoulder. This sign is male, fixed, darkish white-colored, airy, ‘shirshodayi” (one whose head rises first ), owner of the west, strong in day-time, having three humors-flatulence or windiness, bile and phlegm, hot-natured and servant class. Religiously, thoughtfulness, innovative ideology and skill in craftsmanship are the natural qualities of this sign. Intestines of a native are determined on the basis of this sign.


Numerous conditions will affect your career. Try to avoid extra expenditure. The middle of the year ensures good romantic life for you. Stay healthy and enjoy this year. Compatibility: Gemini & Libra.

Pisces (Meena)

This is the twelve sign of the zodiac. In the body of “kal purush’ the place of this sign is in the feet. In physical appearance, this sign looks like two fish with with their hands pointing to in opposite direction s in water. This is the owner of the north; is female, phlegmatic, and having common motion (fixed as well as movable): and is watery, priestly class, strong at night and golden-colored. Munificence, benevolence and beneficence are tge attributes of this sign. Feet of a native are determined on the basis of this sign.

The beginning of the year will offer immense joy in your life. In professional life, you will gain success. Family life will also be good till the end of the year. You are advised no to help others as it will create trouble in your own life. Otherwise, you will get a fabulous romantic life in this year.


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