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Our  Services in Summary 

Astrology reading, palm reading, Vaastu consulting, healing through yoga and meditation, Removing  life obstacles, evil effect, providing remedy for  difficulties of relationship, finance, and health -(in person / through email/telephone/postage/distance counseling  )

  •   Astrology (analysis of all event of your past, present and future)
  •  Astrological Birth chart (horoscope chart) preparing and interpreting.
  •  Palm reading and exploring of your every events of your life.
  •  Vastu Consulting for home and commercial building ,offices ,Garden to attain prosperity, peace and balance in cosmic energy.
  •  Matching compability for marriage/partnership to achieve long lasting and happier relationship.    Baby naming, matching suitable name of company, business for prosperity.
  •  Finding auspicious time (Muhurta) to start business, job, wedding, ritual works, buying and selling property /vehicles or any new start.
  •  Healing through ancient remedy like singing bowel therapy, yoga, meditation, power healing, mantra chanting.
  •  Providing genuine remedy for obstacles of life, ill-effects of malefic planets, evil effect (prescribing Gem stone, Rudrakshya, Mantra, Yantra, Prayer)
  •  Mantra (sacred Sounds) chanting, arranging prayer and all rituals ceremony

Our Services indetails :


Astrology Consultation
An astrology consultation includes a detailed sample of your individual birth or natal chart (horoscope) and identification of the major astrological influences in your life. A consultation will provide an analysis of events in your past, present and future and the factors that may influence them. Clarification in regard to business, marriage, health, major life changes, wealth and success may be gained from a birth chart analysis.

  • Per person-$65 for Complete life Consultation(One hour),
  • Couple -$99
  • Family -$ 200 (less than five family member)


Palmistry is the analysis of the details in your hand and palm. This ancient art includes analyzing the lines, shape and structure of the hand to gain insight into your character and influencing factors in your life.  Generally the indicative factors in your palm will synchronize with further revealing factors in your birth chart.


  •  Per person-$30  one Consultation
  •  Couple -$ 50
  •  Family -$ 150
  • Free - If you come with your three friends you will receive free consultation. Or if you come three times,your  forth appointment will be free.

Vastu Consultation

Vastu, similar to its Chinese counterpart Feng Shui, is a system based upon the ancient Vedic Science of architecture, building and the art of placement.  The system works by a scientific method, based upon direction and the five elements to bring about balance in the environment and the cosmic energy.  
A Vastu consultation can be useful for homes, gardens, commercial building and offices. By strategic placement of objects and understanding the importance of each area influence, the ability to attain health, prosperity, peace and balance in the cosmic energy is established.

  •   Home Vastu- $ 200 (includes home service)
  •   Shop /Small business Vastu-$300
  •   Commercial building vaastu-$500
  •   Above two storied commercial building -$ 1000
  •   Garden /yard -$ 150

Remedial Recommendations
 In the Vedic Sciences, a number of remedies are utilized to rectify the ill effects of malefic planets and periods of time. Some of the recommended remedies may include prescribed rituals and mantras, wearing gemstones or sacred objects, yantras and prayers.  

  •     Gem stone recommendation-$ 30
  •     Rudrakshya /ring/color recommendation-$30

Marriage/ Partnership Compatibility
To provide the maximum benefit of compatibility in couple and family life, many people choose to match the astrological charts of the two prospective partners. By matching the 12 main qualities including nature, love, career, level of soul, intellect and fertility, the couple can gain an advance understanding of the interplay of aspects within their relationship. This technique is a proved astrological process that can assist to create harmony and peace in a relationship, avoiding misunderstanding and unfortunate consequences such as separation and divorce. Calculating compatibility of any couple can achieve long lasting and happier relationships.


  •  Marriage compatibility service-$ 65

Auspicious Naming
A name is the first and foremost identity and symbolism in people, places and establishments.  Finding an auspicious name, based upon spiritual principles and the birth stars, can bring a positive influence into the life and experience of any living entity. This service includes a genuine and practical calculation of charts and influences, and recommends suitable options for matching appropriate names of babies, businesses and places.


  •  Auspicious naming (Baby,Company,Business)-$ 100

Murhurta Calculation
In Vedic Science, the concept of finding the most auspicious time to start any venture or major activity is to find the correct Muhurta or auspicious time. Calculating the most auspicious muhurta, allows the positive energy and planetary influence to initiate over the expected activity. The correct muhurta can be recommended to start any new business, job, wedding, ritual works, buying and selling property /vehicles or to undertake any important activity.

  •   Muhurta services-$ 50

The art of healing can benefit the recipient through a body, mind and spirit paradigm. Healing on these three levels can result in balancing the energies throughout the entire being and maintaining an equilibrium in the consciousness.  Ancient remedies such as mantra, spiritual healing, singing bowl therapy, meditation and yoga are applied in a modern context to achieve beneficial outcomes.  Healing can be utilized for stress management, body pain, chronic conditions, overcoming obstacles and negative forces.

  •    Power healing-$ 50 one  hour $ 90
  •    Reki healing -$ 50 half hour, one hour-$ 90
  •    Tantrik healing -$ 50 half hour ,one hour-$ 90

Mantra and Ceremony
Mantra (sacred sound) creates positive, harmonious vibration and purifies the surrounding energy.  Vedic mantras can be chanted to bring good luck and auspicious results to activities,  to awaken our internal divine consciousness, and to free ourselves from negative influence and limitation.  Mantra chanting can be undertaken in ritual ceremony according to auspicious time or can be incorporated into ones daily routine to bring about balance and internal peace.  Mantras can be performed in group or individual and can be arranged in your home or a place of prayer.

Prayer ceremony -$200 (includes home services)

 Pooja/ Prayer Arrangement

Prayer ceremonies can be arranged onsite in the Sydney area and also at the most auspicious Shiva temple in Nepal, Pashupati Nath Mandir.  We have genuine partnerships arranged with a select group of Priests in Nepal at this sacred temple and can provide individual prayers for all occasions.  

  • Pooja  Arrangement at home -$200
  • Pooja arrangement in Pasupatinath Temple Nepal(Shiva Rudravishek)-$250 ,(we will provide the photograph of the Pooja in your name within 7 days of your order.)


Yoga and Meditation
Yoga is the ancient science to maintain physical health and wellbeing of the body and its systems. Meditation is an integral part of mental balance and maintaining harmony in the mind and consciousness.  Both group and private tuition can be arranged on request. Please contact Acharya Rajan to confirm current classes and tuition.

Courses and private tuition in Vedic Sciences

Currently operational are courses in Astrology and Sanskrit language based in Sydney. Online courses are also available for those who wish to learn by distance education.  
Services are available by appointment, email, telephone, postal mail or via internet communication.

Acharya Rajan Sharma

Contact:- Mob.0434570379
Postal Address:- GPO BOX 151 Marrickville, NSW-2204 Sydney, Australia

Consultation Centres:-
186 Terminus St Liverpool, Sydney,
163 Marrickville RD, Marrickville, and Moorebank ,Near Heathcoat Rd, Sydney

Contact in advance  is essential for appointment in all centre’s.

Distance Consulting: - Through Telephone, email, and postal mail is availableeverywhere around the world.

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Birth Chart ( A detail analysis of your life with many aspects),Marriage compatibility report ,Vedic Astrology Course modules- Astrology learning materials designed for a fast track study -Collage of Vedic Science and Astrology- ,Highly powerful remedial mantras - sacred chanting to overcome from many critical problems-,Daily prayer Mantras, Saligram-Holy Stone-directly from the sacred Kaligandaki river, Muktinath Valley ,Kagabeni, Mustang, Nepal-,Spiritual objects- Black horse shoes, Iron ring to avoid evil eye ,Shree Yantra,Singing Bowl, Rudrakshya-A holy energetic bead directly from Bhojapur district Nepal-,Order pooja in one of the highly popular temple PashupatiNath ,Kathmandu, Nepal(Rudrabhishek)-Other Services






Price: $250 AUD
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Buy SP-02 - Normal with no whole Without Chakra

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Buy SP-03 - Five set of Saligram with 3 chakra and 2 without chakra

Price: $19 AUD
Buy SP-04 - Powerful Remedial Mantras

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Buy SP-05 - A Collection of Some powerful daily  Mantras

Price: $15 AUD
Buy SP-06 - Worn-out horseshoes (Used by a Black Horse)

Price: $99 AUD
Buy SP-07 - Salt Lamps In A Natural Shape

Price: $85 AUD
Buy SP-08 - Machine Crafted Salt lamp

Price: $25 AUD

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