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Vedic Astrology

The Vedic astrology, the ancient science practiced for sages in Nepal and India, is related to the planets’ movements and their effects on living beings in this world. It also asserts that the human soul in its present gross body has link with the past lives of the soul. This ancient divine science was born in Nepal and India, travelled to Greece and Athens to the whole world. This is the scripture through which all kind of mysterious of human life can be known.
This divine science of Vedic astrology is a wonderful asset to humankind. It unfolds the uncertainties in life, minimizes stress, and enables one to step in the proper direction. Furthermore, the Vedic astrology deals with various aspects of our life such as family life, marriage, education, children, career, health, social status, wealth psychology, level of satisfaction etc.
Vedic astrology is known as both an art and science that provides an interpretation of the influence of the stars and planets on human affairs. It is a science as its principles of finding planetary positions and planetary periods are based on vast mathematical systems and are universally applicable. The astrology remedies at the same time help further by eliminating the impact of malefic planetary influences and harness the significations ruled by benefic stars in a person’s birth chart.
Vedic astrology is based on the premise that the natal position of planets gives the complete and absolute pictures of life of the person concerned. It believes that the horoscope provides us to what degree there are negative influences, when they will manifest, and whether or not they can be reduced.




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