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Acharya Rajan Sharma
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Acharya Rajan Sharma

Contact:- Mob.+ 61-0434570379

Postal Address:- GPO BOX 151 Marrickville, NSW-2204 Sydney, Australia

Consultation Centres:-

 Liverpool, , Marrickville, & Moorebank, Sydney.

Contact in advance  is essential for appointment in all centre’s.

Distance Consulting: - Through Telephone, email, and postal mail is available everywhere around the world.




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   Birth Chart ( A detail analysis of your life with many aspects),Marriage compatibility report ,Vedic Astrology Course modules- Astrology learning materials designed for a fast track study - Collage of Vedic Science and Astrology- ,Highly powerful remedial mantras - sacred chanting to overcome from many critical problems-,Daily prayer Mantras, Saligram-Holy Stone-directly from the sacred Kaligandaki river, Muktinath Valley ,Kagabeni, Mustang, Nepal-,Spiritual objects- Black horse shoes, Iron ring to avoid evil eye ,Shree Yantra,Singing Bowl, Rudrakshya-A holy energetic bead directly from Bhojapur district Nepal-,Order pooja in one of the highly popular temple PashupatiNath ,Kathmandu, Nepal(Rudrabhishek)-Other Services





Price: $250 AUD
Buy SP-01 - Chakra Saligram with whole

Price: $150 AUD
Buy SP-02 - Normal with no whole Without Chakra

Price: $500 AUD
Buy SP-03 - Five set of Saligram with 3 chakra and 2 without chakra

Price: $19 AUD
Buy SP-04 - Powerful Remedial Mantras

Price: $10 AUD
Buy SP-05 - A Collection of Some powerful daily  Mantras

Price: $15 AUD
Buy SP-06 - Worn-out horseshoes (Used by a Black Horse)

Price: $99 AUD
Buy SP-07 - Salt Lamps In A Natural Shape

Price: $85 AUD
Buy SP-08 - Machine Crafted Salt lamp

Price: $25 AUD

Price: $10.99 AUD
Buy SP-11 - Module -1

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