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Buy SP-21 - 108 Rudrabhishek In Pashupatinath, Nepal

Name: 108 Rudrabhishek In Pashupatinath, Nepal

Product Code: SP-21

Price: $250 AUD

Description: Pooja arrangement in Pasupatinath Temple Nepal (Shiva Rudravishek)-$250 ,(we will provide the photograph of the Pooja in your name within 7 working days of your order date.)

Pooja/ Prayer Arrangement

Prayer ceremonies can be arranged onsite in the Sydney area and also at the most auspicious Shiva temple in Nepal, Pashupati Nath Mandir.  We have genuine partnerships arranged with a select group of Priests in Nepal at this sacred temple and can provide individual prayers for all occasions.  

  •  Pooja  Arrangement at home -$200

    Pooja arrangement in Pasupatinath Temple Nepal(Shiva Rudravishek)-$250 ,(we will provide the photograph of the Pooja in your name within 7 working days of your order.)

Mantra and Ceremony
Mantra (sacred sound) creates positive, harmonious vibration and purifies the surrounding energy.  Vedic mantras can be chanted to bring good luck and auspicious results to activities,  to awaken our internal divine consciousness, and to free ourselves from negative influence and limitation.  Mantra chanting can be undertaken in ritual ceremony according to auspicious time or can be incorporated into ones daily routine to bring about balance and internal peace.  Mantras can be performed in group or individual and can be arranged in your home or a place of prayer.

  • Prayer ceremony -$200 (includes home services)

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Price: $250 AUD
Buy SP-01 - Chakra Saligram with whole

Price: $150 AUD
Buy SP-02 - Normal with no whole Without Chakra

Price: $500 AUD
Buy SP-03 - Five set of Saligram with 3 chakra and 2 without chakra

Price: $19 AUD
Buy SP-04 - Powerful Remedial Mantras

Price: $10 AUD
Buy SP-05 - A Collection of Some powerful daily  Mantras

Price: $15 AUD
Buy SP-06 - Worn-out horseshoes (Used by a Black Horse)

Price: $99 AUD
Buy SP-07 - Salt Lamps In A Natural Shape

Price: $85 AUD
Buy SP-08 - Machine Crafted Salt lamp

Price: $25 AUD

Price: $10.99 AUD
Buy SP-11 - Module -1

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