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Acharya Rajan Sharma
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    Vaastu Consulting

Vastu Consultation

Vastu, similar to its Chinese counterpart Feng Shui, is a system based upon the ancient Vedic Science of architecture, building and the art of placement.  The system works by a scientific method, based upon direction and the five elements to bring about balance in the environment and the cosmic energy.  
A Vastu consultation can be useful for homes, gardens, commercial building and offices. By strategic placement of objects and understanding the importance of each area influence, the ability to attain health, prosperity, peace and balance in the cosmic energy is established.

  •     Home Vastu- $ 200 (includes home service)
  •     Shop /Small business Vastu-$300
  •     Commercial building vaastu-$500
  •     Above two storied commercial building -$ 1000
  •     Garden /yard -$ 150

Remedial Recommendations

 In the Vedic Sciences, a number of remedies are utilized to rectify the ill effects of malefic planets and periods of time. Some of the recommended remedies may include prescribed rituals and mantras, wearing gemstones or sacred objects, yantras and prayers.  


  •     Gem stone recommendation-$ 30
  •     Rudrakshya /ring/color recommendation-$30

Marriage/ Partnership Compatibility

To provide the maximum benefit of compatibility in couple and family life, many people choose to match the astrological charts of the two prospective partners. By matching the 12 main qualities including nature, love, career, level of soul, intellect and fertility, the couple can gain an advance understanding of the interplay of aspects within their relationship. This technique is a proved astrological process that can assist to create harmony and peace in a relationship, avoiding misunderstanding and unfortunate consequences such as separation and divorce. Calculating compatibility of any couple can achieve long lasting and happier relationships.

  •     Marriage compatibility service-$ 65


Contact Details
Acharya Rajan Sharma
Postal Address:-GPO BOX 151 Marrickville, NSW-2204 Sydney, Australia
                Consultation Centres:-186 terminus St Liverpool, Sydney,
        163 Marrickville RD, Marrickville, Sydney
             434 Princes Highway, Rockdale, Sydney.
Contact in advance is essential for appointment in all centre’s.
Distance Consulting: - through Telephone, email, and postal mail is available everywhere around the world.


Price: $250 AUD
Buy SP-01 - Chakra Saligram with whole

Price: $150 AUD
Buy SP-02 - Normal with no whole Without Chakra

Price: $500 AUD
Buy SP-03 - Five set of Saligram with 3 chakra and 2 without chakra

Price: $19 AUD
Buy SP-04 - Powerful Remedial Mantras

Price: $10 AUD
Buy SP-05 - A Collection of Some powerful daily  Mantras

Price: $15 AUD
Buy SP-06 - Worn-out horseshoes (Used by a Black Horse)

Price: $99 AUD
Buy SP-07 - Salt Lamps In A Natural Shape

Price: $85 AUD
Buy SP-08 - Machine Crafted Salt lamp

Price: $25 AUD

Price: $10.99 AUD
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