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Acharya Rajan Sharma
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Acharyaji (and I say this with deep respect) is one of the most humble human being I have met in my life. There is a sense of calm around him. He believes in giving back to humanity with his Yoga and Spiritual practice. He is like a doctor whose touch can heal your soul and an educator whose clarity can dissolve your confusions. In true sense he is life saver!
     ~ Anish ,Director,Concepts Coach – Sydney, NSW

With all respect, Acharya Rajan Sharma Jee, it is very surprising that whatever you forecasted about me came true.  When you told me, I thought it is just not possible with my situation but in reality it happened the way you said and even the date matched. I had lost all my hopes and the faith, the way ups and downs happened in my life. It's only your forecast that is pushing me forward and motivating me that I should not give up. I would strongly recommend his service to everyone, especially who are having misfortune in their lives. And please do all the procedures whatever he says with all the trust and beliefs. You would be surprise how things will change in your life. I am very fortunate that I got an opportunity to meet him. Once again thank you for everything Acharya Rajan Jee.
~Siris, Sydney, Australia

 "It  is really quite shockingly accurate how you described my life thus far. It's like you grew up with me, even though we never physically met."
- Peter Smith. (USA)

Acharya Rajan is a compassionate and understanding astrology consultant.His attentive readings are filled with deep knowledge and insightful wisdom of the Vedas.His time line and predictions are accurate, practical and give a method to gain a practical understanding of the ups and downs we face in life.I would recommend his services to anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their life and the planetary influences we may encounter.
Leah B- Sydney

I feel privileged and blessed to have consulted Acharya Rajan Sharma, internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer. His insightful readings have given me answers to why certain events and problems have occurred in my life. His explanations are based on  his highly skilful analysis of astrological charts, for which he provides logical and scientific reasoning using his technical expertise in the ancient science of Vedic Astrology. He is extremely skilled as an astrologer and can provide insightful explanations providing remedies, where necessary, which he does not enforce. He does not give false hope nor does he promise miracles as many other astrologers do. He is a sensitive and caring personality and seeks to bring out the best in your life, optimising on opportunities, and warning you of troubled times, as he sees them in your astrological chart.If you are wondering about the jigsaw puzzle of your life, don't look any further, contact Acharya Rajan Sharma today, to learn the truth about the journey of your life, and gain peace of mind.
Rebecca, Finance Executive,  Commonwealth Bank Sydney

Both my wife and I have been impacted from our sessions with Rajan Sharma in the process of reviewing our planets and configurations, to help provide us with a foundation to guide our relationship, business ventures, and general well being. We experienced a major shift in our perceptions of future events, directing us in a most positive light. We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in expanding their outlook on life to take the opportunity to consult with Acharya Rajan.
Professor Zone Bradford, Macquarie University Sydney, Australia

Since consulting with Rajan Sharma for the past year, his retrospective readings were amazingly accurate and his forecasts very valuable. Rajan patiently explains all the answers to questions you may have. His predictions take into context your general character, personality and energy aura. Since my meetings, I have also referred family and friends.
Dr.Kim Lee, South Korea, Currently Liverpool Hospital Sydney

Acharya  Rajan Sharma (Bhimsen)Ji  helped me greatly with his astrology counseling work in the last few years. There were times when I was depressed, stressed with financial uncertainty, and loneliness. With his deep understanding, he explained what astrological transformations I was going through, and what the outlook would be. His sessions not only offered support, but hope that things will get better. Acharyaji makes use of many techniques, is unique, intuitive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend anyone who is considering astrological sessions to meet with Acharya Rajan.
Umesh Banga, Director, Financial Management
India Chandigarh, Currently in Sydney 

Acharya Rajan Sharma has been helping us from the last 3 years with his accurate horoscope predictions. He has been  arranging and performing various pujas and hawans for our family. When ever we seek his help in our difficulties he provides us timely and accurate guidance. His vastu knowledge has also helped us in getting rid of many problems. We are impressed with his humble attitude. I always seek his guidance in all my family decisions. I would recommened him to anyone who needs astrological help.
Kind Regards,
Suman Goyal,

I recently received a reading from Rajan (Bhimsen) .He did palm reading and provided a comprehensive reading about my history and future predictions. What he told me about my past were true, in particular, he mentioned specific dates and numbers-which were accurate .in regards to the future predictions, they are also true and valid. The palm reading was fun and provided a good insight into my personality and traits’ appreciate Bhimsen’s honesty and time in preparing my astrological reading.I would highly recommended his services to anyone interested in finding out about the past, present and future outlook.
Thank you.
Nounou Sritoh
Thailand, Bangkok




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